Another ass whipping (Cowboys)

This is normally our pre tailgate show but with the game on Saturday night, we got a chance to get first take out about another gutless (overall) performance by our team. It is really sad to see how far and fast the team has fallen. The Cowboys smacked the Bucs around in the first half […]

Jags loss worse than you could imagine

Fan sentiment is at an all time low. The horde has transcended apathy and is now enraged (which I guess is good because at least it is not disinterest). The crosshairs are on everyone but none more than beleaguered (this year, cause last year he was in the running for Coach of the Year) Coach Morris. We talk with Steve […]

“What the Buc” Saturday Night Football Tailgate Extravaganza!

ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!! OK me hearties this be the very last tailgate of the season being that the Buc’s have no shot at the Playoffs!:( It seems as though things get worse on the field when the tailgates keep getting better, hmmm? You know I actually had someone ask me a cou…ple of days ago why I …Read More