VLOG: Training Camp Day 2

Word for the day: sloppy. Not due to weather, the practice today was mired in dropped passes and reduced accuracy. It was VERY hot but I suspect at this point the practice level will improve with the pads coming on today. Verner stood out with an outstanding practice and our RB’s do look exceptionally shifty …Read More

Know Thy Enemy: Carolina Panthers

In the finale of my NFC South exposé, I’ll be looking at the Carolina Panthers. I’ll admit, this is a little difficult for me to write objectively. As much as I dislike them, the point of this series has been to understand what we’ll be up against this season. The NFC South has long been …Read More

Know Thy Enemy: New Orleans Saints

It’s now time for the second installment of my NFC South exposé, and I’ll be looking at the much beloved New Orleans Saints. (Perhaps not much beloved in Tampa, but beloved nonetheless.) While I have the utmost respect for longtime Saints fans, they certainly got hit with the bandwagon bug a few years ago when …Read More

Know Thy Enemy: Atlanta Falcons

That’s right, this is an article about the Atlanta Falcons. Wait, don’t throw things at me just yet. Hear me out first. I’m just as against the Falcons as any other Bucs fan. With training camp not quite here yet, the offseason is perhaps at its most calm. All sorts of predictions have been made …Read More