We are off for a week and Kickin it Old School! (And Freeman is the man now)

Breaking News: Number 1 pick out of Kansas State, Josh Freeman has been named the starting QB. Anyone surprised by this should immediately pull their head out of their colon. The view there, while better than the outlook for the rest of our season, must smell like most places in New Jersey. As for our …Read More

Bucs Lose. Coaching is pathetic. Tonight will be ugly and R Rated folks – Live at 7:00 PM

Offensively. Defensively. Game management. Special teams. There was not a single aspect of the game that the Buccaneers coaching staff pulled their weight on yesterday. I know many of you have been crying constantly about the coaching and I have defended it at times. I could find no way to defend it yesterday guys and tonight …Read More

UPDATED! We are live tonight breaking down the break downs!

Update: As many of you are aware, in an act of total accident or a convoluted conspiracy as hinted by a morning DJ (name withheld to protect the innocent local) Studio 76 was left without power last night and subsequently, the #1 rated (I surveyed my friends and family and a few folks that were …Read More