Weekly WTB? Broadcast – Two Great Guests!

Tonight we are joined by not one, but two excellent guests as we discuss the Bucs defeat in Denver and the ever slimming chances at a post season bid. First, we will be joined by Jason “J.C.” De La Torre of BucsNation.com who will break down the playoffs like no other.

JC has written for NFL.com’s Blog Blitz, have been a featured columnist on Bleacher Report (Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), and has had his work featured on Pewter Report, the NHL’s official newsletter, CBSSportsline.com, FoxSports.com, and NFL.com.

Then we will be joined by our old friend and excellent analyst, Steve White (@sgw94) to really tear into what we have left in the tank at this point. We will go as long as we need to go so be prepared with food and drink. We will also be discussing this week’s tailgate that I hope all of you will be attending!

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