That’s All Folks! Close but no cigar

Well, had the last two games been reversed we would be preparing for playoff talk but instead, we are planning our golf outing. That is OK! We showed tremendous growth this year and to be honest, I have not been this excited to be a Bucs fan in a LONG time. Joined by Mark Cook, …Read More

Merry Christmas. We got coal

Mark Cook of joined while we were out of town to discuss the recent struggles that have led to the almost certain elimination of our beloved Bucs from the playoff race this season. We covered the Doug Martin situation, the diminishing offense, the defense that has been schemed out of relevance and the fact that despite …Read More

PG-13 Falcons Review and Bears PReview

Listen. It was not easy to review what happened in the 3rd quarter for the Bucs vs. the Falcons without touching on NC 17 content. We really expected a better showing but a devastating 3rd quarter and continual degradation of the play from our LB’s doomed this game. Jameis played well but not well enough. …Read More