Week 4 Cardinals Game Preview

The Glennon Era has begun and he better be a Doctor and be working on Vince’s ribs and Mike’s hammy right now as I type. The Bucs will trot rookie QB, Mike Glennon out to face the Arizona Cardinals this week at home and will need a stellar effort by the defense and a solid …Read More

Week 3 Patriots Preview (Less Angry)

I would say I was sorry about all the anger, but I am not. This team is pissing me off. That said, this week I am feeling better, have a great outlook, changed my auto insurance (not really) and am ready to be a kinder and gentler OldSchool. Take a Listen Bucs – 27 -17 …Read More

Week 1 Loss at the Jets (EXPLICIT)

OK folks, you knew this one would get ugly. The game was, so the show had to be. We are always explicit (and mark our Podcast as such so don’t act like you’re surprised) but this week I was even more agitated than normal. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Skulls …Read More

Patriots postgame and No Fly Zone Discussion

The party was AMAZING! This group of people that work together to form WTB? are perhaps the most dedicated, hard working and tireless clowns I have ever met and I love every one of them. The party was HUGE and by now, you should be regretting whatever life choices made you miss it. Speaking of …Read More

Preaseason – Patriots Pregame

Tonight’s show was a dance through the activities leading up to the largest party we have ever thrown AND a little look at our Bucs and what we need to see out of them versus the Patriots. Notes used for tonight are as follows: What we learned QB’s look shaky. All of them. Accuracy is …Read More

2013 Preseason – Ravens Pregame Show

Hello folks! We kick the season off with a show chronicling not only Warren Sapp’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame but also our own Spent’s induction into the Fan’s Hall (via the Pro Football Ultimate Fans Association)! It was truly a weekend of excitement and with Training Camp and a chance to see our …Read More

Training Camp Review: Days 1 and 2

Well, day 1 was stolen from me but luckily we had a plan and Drew Hamilton stepped up and covered that bitch like he owned it! I was there today with the rest of the Krewe and I was actually pretty displeased. Energy level was low overall but to be honest, football is back so …Read More

Barth Hurt, Tynes to Step up plus Camp Talk

We covered the injury of our leading scorer but also spent some quality time talking about the following topics tonight: Tonight’s Topics 1. Mike Williams and Twitter 2. Top 5 things I am looking for at Training Camp 3. Schedule Review 4. Players on the Hot Seat Review (TKras and others are talking about this) …Read More