Two in a Row? Yep.

As much as it may surprise some (including me), this team seems to be rallying. Everyone has an opinion and mine was that this staff had enough time, made enough mistakes and pissed enough success down their collective legs. Now, with back to back wins, the media tide has turned and the storied of yore …Read More

Explictish. We are regressing and nobody seems to care

As the delta between the team that wins and the Buccaneers continues to grow and as the small victories we felt were legitimate early on dwindle, being a Bucs fan is increasingly more difficult. This week the Panthers marched into RayJay in their baby blue and walked all over us. We could do absolutely nothing …Read More

Falcons beat us with random dude at WR (EXPLICIT)

Really? Harry Douglas? 7 of 7 for 149? The only guy we KNEW could actually catch that was not named Tony and this was the gameplan? CHIRP!!!!! CHIRP!!!!! #Sheridan Want us to stop chirping, scheme. Want us to stop chirping, use the talent you have. Want us to stop chirping, when you drop a gauntlet …Read More

Still ugly. Another loss.

I missed the lesson that says if you have nothing nice to say, shut up. That sounds stupid to me. In this episode we talk about the miserable state of this franchise, the horrific last scoring drive for the Eagles and our amazing tailgates. 11. Straight. Runs. Shit. Oh yes and I am still doing …Read More

Eagles vs Bucs Preview

This week the Bucs, fresh and rested after our bye week, get a chance to try and right the ship as the 2-3 Eagles march into RayJay. Chip Kelly has his offense running around and accumulating points like crazy but somehow they are not undefeated despite his revolutionizing the game. The Bucs will have to …Read More

Week 4 Cardinals Game Preview

The Glennon Era has begun and he better be a Doctor and be working on Vince’s ribs and Mike’s hammy right now as I type. The Bucs will trot rookie QB, Mike Glennon out to face the Arizona Cardinals this week at home and will need a stellar effort by the defense and a solid …Read More