Offseason Show: With Charley Campbell

Despite more technical challenges, my loyalty to our podcast listeners caused me to figure out a way to get the show uploaded tonight. We talk about the amazing party we have planned here for August 17th, training camp, why TE doesn’t matter and we delve into why Walt from Walter Football dislikes the Bucs with …Read More

Interview with Charley Campbell of WalterFootball

While this is also included in this week’s podcast, many like seeing interviews posted by themselves, so here you go. Walter Football, known for Mock drafts and handicapping, released an article on the projection for our beloved Bucs this season. The author was, let’s say, less than friendly in his assessment. Now I know my …Read More

Yet Another Draft Review with SanderP

We were fortunate to have the one and only SanderP of BucsNation fame with us on our broadcast tonight and I have to say, it was a great time. We reviewed the draft, the discussion of Glennon = Ryan and even found a fan for some WR named Page that is the next Welker (I …Read More

We got Revis, Let’s Talk about Impact

Well, we met, we drank and we celebrated but all the while, we stayed grounded as we talked about the New World Order where the Bucs defense was feared again and our offense was able to run up scores on people as if they were the Raiders.  Great participation by Steve White (@sgw94) and all …Read More

State of the Bucs (and a lot of Revis Chatter)

Well, after weeks of speculation, a lot of frustration and a little too much anticipation, we dusted off the podcast mic and got back to it! Never one to make a small entrance (Stifle!) we invited our friend Steve White (@sgw94) and Mark Cook of Pewter Report (@MarkCook1970) to discuss how in the hell the Bucs could have …Read More