Explicit Reminder: OTA Review with Mark Cook

Hey, guess what? IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON! One day of OTA’s for me and a visit from Mark Cook (@MarkCook1970 on Twitter and of @PewterReport fame) led to a lengthy chat about this very exciting roster and a few sidebars that got a tad dicey. Hope you enjoy it!

OTA’s and a Chat About TEAM

Man, what a difference some success will make. Tonight’s podcast starts out with a lengthy clip from Any Given Sunday. I encourage you all to listen and remember this as it will be critical to our team on the field and it is currently critical to our fanbase off the field. We were joined by Mark …Read More

2017: Back in Draft

Well, the conjecture is over so it is time for us to talk football again. We had Mark Cook on and discussed the Draft, Free Agency, podcast civil war (civillyy) and what I think is crap. It was great to see you guys again and talk Bucs. Looking forward to having real stuff to talk …Read More

Merry Christmas. We got coal

Mark Cook of PewterReport.com joined while we were out of town to discuss the recent struggles that have led to the almost certain elimination of our beloved Bucs from the playoff race this season. We covered the Doug Martin situation, the diminishing offense, the defense that has been schemed out of relevance and the fact that despite …Read More