2017 Camp Update: Lagging Late

It is hot. The guys are tired of hitting each other. Players that know their role are ready to get healthy and mount the real campaign. That all said, the camp time MATTERS and Coach Koetter was not happy with the effort today. Interestingly enough, it felt better than yesterday to me but he was …Read More

Bucs Preseason Halfway Point Review

Two preseason games in the books and we know a little more about our squad for this season. The Bucs squared off with the Jags and showed some significant progress and areas for attention. The Bucs assembled a pile of new weapons on offense and that is the largest takeway thus far. This offense could …Read More

Preseason Quick Preview: Jags

Can the Bucs find a way to get the ball in the end zone with the 1’s? Will the running game find its legs consistently? Can the defense remember the keys and execute when in their gaps? These and many more questions to be answered this week.

Bucs Training Camp – August 9th

In the last practice I will see before we see the Bucs take on the Bengals on Friday, it was obvious that the team was ready for a break, some treatment and to hit other people. Energy level across the board seemed down.  Another sweltering Florida afternoon produced a few highlights but also a few scary …Read More

Bucs Training Camp Report: Monday August 7th

Moments of brilliance and moments of despair. The QB’s at camp today had both of them with more turnovers than anyone would like but also some beautiful completions. The Field Goal kicker drama continued, though the two matched each other’s ineffectiveness. Wilcox and Evans both got more and varied reps at safety which is part of …Read More

Bucs Camp: Day 8 – #StickCarrierTakeover

Fourth day in a row in pads, super hot weather and the day the #StickCarriers, a group originated by Justin Pawlowski (@CommishOnline) showed up HUGE! The crowd was loud, respectful, coordinated and created a “Collegial” atmosphere that the players, coaches and all fans seemed to love. On the field, the play matched the intensity. Still …Read More