A ton of Pictures from Camp

Days 1 and 2 are loaded here courtesy of Roman Diaz Photography! Take a look and let us know your favorites! I wil llabel them eventually but I thought you might like to see them faster! There are some great ones of Dez Briscoe and of the lovely and talented Megan. Just sayin [imagebrowser id=20]

New (old) Friend of Note

You guys who listen to the podcast or tune in live for the show know that we are big fans of the local rabid fan base. (Not the turncoat, intermittent and fair weather clowns. Being critical is fine. Being a douche is not.) We spend time in every broadcast thanking them for supporting us and for supporting …Read More

Reasons to be excited

Reports all over today seem to imply that the vote will occur and the NFL work stoppage will end. While it is not over yet, this seems far more credible now and so people are getting excited (especially me!). Another reason to be excited as a Bucs fan, aside from our strong and young roster, …Read More