This week we get the Eagles

What a night! We have the last few sleeps before our new Tailgate season, we got a win in the Big Easy, the national media remembered there is a team in Tampa AND we had Chris Fischer formerly of Bucs Brief Podcast in the studio. What more could you ask for? I’ll tell you what…A Bucs …Read More

2018 Game 1: Saints – Chalk it UP.

Mark Cook of Pewter Report fame came over and we did our thing. Sadly, the new camera stuff sucked due to a new iPad that REALLY sucked but the audio is fine. We covered a bunch of topics like: OS thinks the players don’t care about the fans Mark doesn’t know how clocks work Ernie …Read More

The Rudderless Ship Lurches Forward

There is no silver lining. The highs are things we should expect and the lows are still shocking. Add a does od grouchy bullshit from the leadership and a lack of direction and the result is a stadium serving crappy food with bad entertainment. We have already lived through that. We would be OK with …Read More