We want a BIKE! Live from NOLA

Never trying to let you guys down, we did a podcast live from the Lobby of the Astor Crowne Plaza. I went on a bit of a tirade about Christmas that I hope makes sense to you guys. This defense has to determine they give a shit. This offense needs to stop being so damn …Read More

Time to Measure. Next up, Patriots

Fresh off a win over the Giants who are not as hapless as their winless record might suggest, our mighty Buccaneers will step back out on the field straight from the cold tub to face the ever-deadly, New England Winners of Many Superbowls (Also known as the Patriots). Tom Brady is still the QB everyone …Read More

A Giant Problem

Man, the fans acted out. Bipolar lunatics. You would think we should have already been sizing up our Super Bowl Rings. The rage was palpable. The team responded in a less than ideal fashion. Leadership with hats and helmets showing a short fuse and lack of composure. This team had high expectations. The microscope it …Read More

Next Up…Ice Fishing. Vikings on the Menu.

We reviewed the Bucs win last week over the Bears and tore into what I feel is an underwhelming Vikings team, regardless of the guy slinging the rock. We were fortunate to be joined by Luke Easterling (@LukeEasterling) who provided insight across the board and explained that even though Dalvin Cook is a unique talent, …Read More